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Massi Fantucci lives and works in the Napa Valley, surrounded by vineyard covered hills that remind him of his Tuscan homeland. Born and raised in the renaissance city of Florence, Italy, Massi grew up surrounded by art. After high school, he studied Furniture Design and Restoration at the Instituto Industriale Leonardo Da Vinci and, while in school, worked as an artisan, making metal jewelry and accessories.
When he came to the United States in 1994, Massi worked as a chef until his first son was born in 2003 when his artistic focus shifted 100% to Handcrafted Woodworks. To this new medium, Massi brought more than just his education and experience...he also brought a European sense of time and history. Living in Florence, he was surrounded by the past: the churches and towers, the city walls and bridges, the sculptures and frescoes. For Massi, his city’s past is his family’s past, for his family has lived in Florence since before the 13th century.
This personal awareness of history and time is evident in
Massi’s custom furniture and restoration services. Using traditional woodworking and finishing methods, he builds his pieces with the strength and quality needed to last for generations, so that each piece can become a family heirloom.
Massi has been restoring and building furniture for residents of
Napa Valley and the surrounding areas since 1997. In addition to his residential customers, Massi serves local businesses, including interior designers, wineries, law offices and more. He also restored the furniture and staircases of the historic Napa County courthouse during the building’s extensive renovation in 2004.
Whether repairing an office conference table, restoring an antique bedroom set handed down for generations, refinishing a historic staircase or building a custom armoire, Massi handles each piece with care and professionalism.
Massi’s artistic skills and interests extend beyond woodworking and restoration and into the culinary and fine arts. He enjoys cooking delicious meals for friends and family and, like his woodworks, his culinary creations are highly influenced by his Tuscan heritage. Massi also enjoys drawing and painting as well as, more recently, sculpture.
Massi is grateful to be in a profession in which he applies his creativity and artistic talents. He enjoys his work very much and finds it extremely rewarding, especially when clients react strongly to sentimental antiques they didn't believe could be restored. In fact, there have been more than a few times when the finished pieces have  induced tears of joy when clients see worn and battered treasured family heirlooms restored to their original beauty.